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Success Stories

Maggie became a part of my enrollment team 7 years ago. With Maggie coaching the team on the right mindset and sales techniques, our sales that day more than tripled to $14,000. She quickly rose to the top performing ranked enrollment counselor in my region and the entire nation.
Jean Ann Dolan
By following Maggie’s strategies in my sales approach – even small adjustments to wording, timing, and body language – I gained more active and positive engagements with people, leading them to say ‘yes’ immediately!
Skye Ross
Maggie’s sales coaching has been invaluable… My confidence while speaking with potential clients is at an all time high.
Skye Ross
I was struggling with my sales and Maggie analyzed exactly what I was doing, coached me, and gave me the tools I needed, and the very next day I increased my sales by $20,000 in only 1 day!! $20,000! She also genuinely cares about you and your success and that is rare today.  I highly recommend Maggie to help you increase your sales and grow your business!
Charlene Fell
Maggie is a leader in the Sales & Marketing industry.  Her skills give her the ability to lead others to reach goals for their business that would far surpass anything you can do on your own.  She has a way of analyzing your business and then give you the right tools you need to grow your business exponentially!
Charlene Fell

3 Reasons to say Yes

  1. More clients – learn to optimize your time with people and get them to convert with ease.
  2. Better sales conversion – I can help you inspire A LOT more people to say "YES!" to you with your words, body language and timing.
  3. Improve your work-life balance – whether you want to work from home, or from Barbados, make it work for you